Building a Culture of Life In Women’s Health Care

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I am pleased to present you with the Summer 2014 edition of theBuilding a Culture of Life in Women’s Health Care newsletter. At the Pope Paul VI Institute, our mission extends to multiple initiatives. We have education and training programs that attract medical professionals and individuals from throughout the entire world.  We also provide medical care for women and families suffering from a range of reproductive health issues. We also spend a good amount of our efforts raising awareness of and promoting our unique organization. 

As you read through the newsletter, you will learn about Dr. Olga Andriienko who came to us all the way from the Ukraine…. against all odds, because she knew that as a doctor her job was to promote life not destroy it. You will also meet Jeff Dye and his wife, Jennifer, a former patient of ours, and hear the inspiring story that led them to the Pope Paul VI Institute. Then there is Alice Sales who has worked at the Institute for twenty years. You will learn more about her role as Education Program Coordinator. 

In Humanae Vitae, our namesake, Pope Paul VI, wrote that “none can achieve true happiness […] unless they observe the laws inscribed on their nature by the Most High God.” The stories you will find in theBuilding a Culture of Life in Women’s Health Care newsletter always chronicle how our patients, our students and our staff have come to find this “happiness,” and the Pope Paul VI Institute is proud to be a part of their journeys.

I appreciate your interest in the Pope Paul VI Institute, and hope you enjoy the enclosed newsletter.


Thomas W. Hilgers, MD 

P.S. If you did not receive a paper copy of the newsletter, please email me your contact information and we will add you to the mailing list.

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“Jennifer is an excellent instructor. We feel blessed to have her as our teacher and are grateful for her commitment to teaching NFP using the Creighton Method.”

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